Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Working Group: Current & Future Initiatives


The CAP Working Group.

It has been a remarkable year for the EFPT CAP Working Group. I am very excited that I will have the opportunity to share it with you through the first EFPT Newsletter.

There were many participations in important international CAP Conferences, publications in important international journals and affiliations with European and International CAP Associations.

Starting with the International Congress of the European Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists which took place in Dublin from the 6th-10th July 2013, in Dublin. The EFPT CAP Working Group had a symposium, featuring presentations by Ana Moscoso and Lucia Pacherova, former CAP Secretaries and the president of the UEMS CAP Board Dr Brian Jacobs. The symposium title was “What EFPT can do for trainees in Europe”. The presentations of the symposium were published in the official journal of ESCAP.


The CAP Working Group with Dr Brian Jacobs.

On September 2013 in Athens, the EFPT CAP Secretary, Kanellopoulos Thanos, had a presentation in the National Conference of the Hellenic Association of Psychiatric Trainees along with the other members of the EFPT Board.

On November 2013, we were invited by the International Society for Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology (ISAPP) in the International Conference in Ankara to present a symposium about EFPT and its importance for the European Trainees. The symposium featured presentations of Thanos Kanellopoulos(EFPT CAP Secretary), Ana Moscoso (2nd EFPT Cap Secretary) , Jordan Sibeoni and Basak Pasabeyoglu, members of the CAP Working group. The title of the symposium was : “What can European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees (EFPT) do for the European trainees in Europe? The place of Adolescent Psychiatry in the european curriculum for training for Children and Adolescent Psychiatry. The early career CAP views”. It was moderated by Ezra Cop, former Turkey’s EFPT Delegate and Fusun. Cuhadaroglu, Turkey’s UEMS Delegate and President of the Turkish CAP Association. The presentations of our CAP WG Symposium were chosen for publication by the official journal of the American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry “Adolescent Psychiatry”.

On April 2014, an EFPT CAP WG representative was invited to the 4th Young Psychiatrists Network (YPN) Meeting in Wroclaw, Poland. There T.Kanellopoulos presented the current and future initiatives of the CAP WG.

On May 2014 EFPT CAP Secretary Thanos Kanellopoulos was an invited speaker on the International Conference of the European Association of Forensic Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists and Psychologists where he presented the current situation in a Europe wide perspective and the views of the members of the CAP WG, about the training in Forensic CAP. There was a fruitful discussion during the symposium which will lead to a joint statement about the importance of Forensic CAP Training together with the UEMS CAP Section and EFCAP.

Last but not least regarding the EFPT CAP WG presentations in important conferences, is the EFPT CAP WG Symposium in the Conference of the International Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists (IACAPAP) in Durban, S. Africa in August 2014. Our proposal involved a symposium about the EFPT and a presentation of a local trainee who presented the challenges and difficulties of being a S. African CAP Trainee. The IACAPAP Congress marked another highlight in the wonderful history that is EFPT. EFPT was accepted as an official affiliated member of the most important CAP association and our WG members attended the General Assembly for the first time.

EFPT CAP Secretary and the Backup CAP Secretary Ieva Viltrakyte successfully participated in the CAP UEMS Meeting, which took place for this year in Sofia, Bulgaria (September 2014). This year marked an important CAP WG Initiative. An online survey is being planned along with the UEMS CAP Section, regarding the views of the trainees on the topic of a Pan-European Examination. This is something that can change the future of the training in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry in Europe and EFPT and the CAP WG has a very crucial role on that. Recruitment in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and the topic of transition from CAP Services to Adult Psychiatry Services was also discussed. The EFPT delegates saw also their proposal for an UEMS CAP sponsored Poster Award to receive a positive feedback. A 500 Euros prize will be given to the best poster from a trainee or an early career specialist in the next ESCAP Conference.

And the pearl of this years achievements is the first ever EFPT – UEMS CAP Training Day, which took place in London on the 26th June, immediately after the end of the annual EFPT Forum. There, renowned CAP Specialists gave plenary lectures and ran parallel workshops for 30 participants, and there was also a workshop about the challenges and difficulties of the transition from CAP Trainee to Early Career specialist, chaired by EFPT CAP Secretary, Thanos Kanellopoulos. During the next EFPT Forum in Porto, in June 2015, there is a plan for another Training Day for young Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists.

The intention of the CAP WG and me personally, is to continue to promote the best possible quality of CAP Training in Europe and assist the European CAP trainees. Come join us in the wonderful story that is EFPT. Visit our webpage, our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts or send an e-mail to We are eager to learn your thoughts and suggestions for shaping the future of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Dr Kanellopoulos Thanos, EFPT CAP Secretary

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