CAP Activities at the Prague Forum

Dr. Bernadka Dubicka

During the annual CAP Day (organized in close collaboration with UEMS-CAP), EFPT hosted a number of renowned child psychiatrists.

Prof. Michal Goetz (Vice President, IACAPAP) presented about Children of Parents with Mental Disorders, which was very well received both by child and adult psychiatry trainees.

Dr. Bernadka Dubicka (Chair of the RCPsych CAP Section) kindly accepted to come all the way from Manchester and delivered a thought-provoking presentation on Internet and Social Media impacts on youth.

Prof. Gil Zalsman

Another local, Dr. Olga Glazsner gave a comprehensive lecture on Childhood Sleeping Disorders.

In addition to the scientific lectures, Prof. Gil Zalsman (titles from ECNP, Director of Geha, titles from Columbia etc) joined the CAP WG to give tips on how to balance professional and personal life with insights from his own journey.


Asilay Şeker

CAP Secretary