Call for EFPT General Managers


Dear colleagues,

EFPT is pleased to announce the opening of the application period for General Manager (GM) positions 2020-2021.

The general managers play a vital role in the working of EFPT, and we are looking for enthusiastic trainees with strong communication skills, motivated to advance the working of EFPT and develop their own professional skills and career.

You will be working closely with the board of directors and have opportunities to suggest and develop your own projects. You will be expected to be easily contactable and able to response promptly to ensure effective communication.

The term of the general managers continues until another general manager is appointed for their position, in September 2021.

This year we have 4 General Manager positions available.

Please read the descriptions below to discover which position would be most suitable for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the current General Managers or Board Members. Contact details can be found on or you can email

The General Manager positions are open to all trainees and anyone within 5 years of the start of their training in any EFPT member country. If you wish to apply for one of the positions, please send a letter of motivation (max. 1 A4) and a short CV, clearly stating which position you wish to apply for, to by August 30th.

All applications will be reviewed by the board and the outcome will be communicated to all applicants in September.

Available General Manager positions:

1.        National Trainees’ Associations (NTA) General Manager

The NTA GM is responsible for coordinating the communication with the member NTAs of EFPT. He/she will ensure a strong connection between the board and the member NTAs, facilitating continuous involvement of all member NTAs with EFPT projects throughout the year.

2.        Social Media General Manager

The Social Media GM is responsible for operating the EFPT social media accounts and further developing the EFPT social media strategy. He/she will need to be able to provide flexible and quick communication in order to keep EFPT members updated of new projects and opportunities through the different social media.

3.        Newsletter General Manager

The Newsletter GM is responsible for editing, publishing and disseminating the quarterly EFPT newsletter. He/she will take action on collecting relevant articles and events to be included in each newsletter, ensuring all EFPT members and partners remain up to date with our projects.

4.        Event General Manager

The Event GM is a new position, responsible for coordinating the online events that will be organised by EFPT throughout the year. The practical organisation will be the responsibility of the working group or individual suggesting the event, not of the event GM. The main role of the event GM is to synchronise the topics and timings of the events to avoid overlap, and to offer assistance if necessary.

We look forward to receiving your applications, Kind regards,

The EFPT board of directors

Charlotte Migchels – President

George Stercu – Past President

Asilay Seker – President Elect

Nikola Zaja – Secretary General

Giovanni Grech – Treasurer

Andrei Buciuta – IT Secretary

Filipa Martins da Silva– CAP Secretary