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Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a leading international source fortraining, therapy, and resources in CBT. Our mission is to improve lives worldwide through excellence in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), was pioneered by Dr. Aaron T. Beck in the 1960s. Unlike traditional psychotherapy, he developed a treatment that was short-term and focused on problem-solving and teaching clients skills to make long lasting change in their thinking, behavior, and mood.

In the years since its introduction, CBT has been studied and demonstrated to be one of the most effective treatments for a wide variety of disorders. Thousands of studies have demonstrated its efficacy for psychiatric disorders, psychological problems, and medical issues with a psychological component.

Beck Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy was founded in 1994 by Dr. Aaron Beck and his daughter, Dr. Judith Beck, a preeminent psychologist in her own right, as a new setting for state-of-the-art psychotherapy and professional training opportunities. Through their vision, Beck Institute has carried out the mission of teaching CBT to health and mental health professionals, enhancing the lives of people worldwide. Over the last 23 years, Beck Institute has grown into an unparalleled hub for CBT excellence.

Beck Institute runs unmatched training workshops both for individual professionals and for organizations, offers online resources to consumers and professionals alike, and provides therapy to clients at our Philadelphia headquarters. In addition to professional and client services, Beck Institute remains an international authority and resource for CBT information and research.

Today, Beck Institute continues the work of Dr. Aaron Beck by educating health and mental health professionals, students, and organizations in CBT through our interactive and experiential training, both in person and online. Offering a full range of training opportunities for professionals, educators, and students, training with Beck Institute faculty prepares clinicians for excellence in the field.

Beck Institute has an alumni network of nearly 5,500 individuals who have participated in in-person workshops since 2008, and over 6,000 individuals from 99 countries who have participated in online courses since the courses began in 2016. Each year, Beck Institute also trains thousands of clinicians through training in workplaces and at professional conferences throughout the world. According to 2016 survey results, 98% of workshop trainees would recommend Beck Institute workshops to their colleagues.

We believe that teaching CBT will improve the lives of both therapists and their clients, and fill the world with healthier, happier people.

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