Jury of the EFPT Porto Research Award 2017
Prof Norman Sartorius (Switzerland)
Prof Eduard Vieta (Spain)
Assoc Prof Martina Rojnic Kuzman (Croatia)
Assoc Prof Andrea Fiorillo (Italy)
Dr Ekin Sönmez (Turkey – EFPT President)

Winner of the EFPT Porto Research Award 2017: Iryna Frankova, Ukraine
Project: SSRI’s vs BNZ in golden hours after exposure to traumatic event
Prof Norman Sartorius and Dr Mariana Pinto da Costa, on behalf of the Jury and of the Sponsor, respectively, together with the President’s Forum, Dr Ekin Sonmez, gave the Award to the winner, Dr Iryna Frankova.

Dr Iryna Frankova’s presentation at EFPT Forum Istanbul 2017.