Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQs)

  • What type of research projects can I submit?

A wide variety of projects are eligible, including those involving primary data collection, secondary data analysis or systematic review. The research project may use quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods. The research project must have been completed by the time of submission to the EFPT Porto research award.

  • How many projects can one person submit?

One research project per person.

  • Do I need to be a psychiatric trainee in an EFPT country to apply?

Yes. You need to be a psychiatric trainee within the WHO Europe region.

  • Can I apply directly or do I need the endorsement of my NTA (National Training Association)?

No NTA endorsement is necessary, however if you do have an endorsement from your NTA or from another institution, you may wish to add this information to your application.

  • Can more than one project per country be submitted?

Yes. Different psychiatric trainees from the same country can apply to the EFPT Porto Research Award.

  • Do I need to demonstrate the current status of the research project?

Yes. This is a financial award to recognize research performed by psychiatric trainees and is not a grant to help with the costs of a research project. You will need to provide evidence about the work you have completed, to prove that the project has been completed.

  • How can I demonstrate my role within the research project?

As this prize is a financial award to recognize research led by psychiatric trainees, you need to provide evidence of your personal contribution to the project. For example, you could attach the presentations you given (oral presentations and/or posters) or the papers you have published.

  • Do I have to have already published my research to be eligible for the Award?

Not necessarily. Although we do not require that the research projects are published, those that have been published are more likely to score higher. Other forms of presentation or dissemination will also be considered and should be described in your application.

  • If the research was presented/ published in a language other than English, can I add this to the application?

Yes. You should add all presentations and publications you have completed, regardless of the language. If these were not in English, then an English abstract is required.  

  • Do you expect the letter of support to be from a senior researcher from this particular project or it can be from any senior researcher I have worked with previously?

The letter of support needs to be from a senior researcher who can confirm that you led the research project described. He or she may or may not have been directly involved in the project.

  • If I am based in Europe, but my project was focusing on psychiatry outside the region, would I still be eligible to enter?

Yes. As long as you completed the project while you were a psychiatric trainee in Europe, the field work may have been performed elsewhere.

  • Do I need to attend the EFPT Forum to receive the award?

As a winner of this award you will have the opportunity to present your work at the EFPT Forum, either in person, remotely via the internet or as a recorded presentation, depending on the circumstances. The date and location of this presentation this year is scheduled to be on July 2021 at the Forum in Brussels, Belgium. Further details will be provided to the winner nearer the time.

  • Is there a particular applicant profile that you are looking for?

No. We are trying to be as inclusive as possible regardless of your topic or background. The award is mostly about the content of the study itself and not the applicant

  • What can the award money be used for?

This is an award, not a grant. So, you may use the money in whatever you like! Good luck 🙂