Award for excellence 2020


Dear colleagues,

The European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees is proud to announce the tenth edition of the “EFPT Award for Excellence”. The award, initiated in 2011, is an annual prize for an excellent and innovative project in the field of psychiatry. These projects do not need to be large or national ventures; small projects that demonstrate innovation will also be considered.

It is important that projects are of current relevance, meaning they have been carried out in a period within the last 2 years, with the involvement of psychiatry trainees. The award is not primarily aimed at projects with predominantly scientific or research orientation, but rather those that have direct relevance to clinical or training activities, or that promote a positive image of psychiatry. Examples of relevant projects include: the organization of local meetings/conferences; projects set up to improve training in psychotherapy or in other areas; publication of informative materials for trainees; or any other project that involves the promotion of training activities. The award winners will be distinguished and will have their work promoted on the EFPT website, social media and newsletter. We encourage you to take a look at the previous winners from EFPT’s website


Applicants should check if they are able to meet the following criteria prior to submission:

  1. Applicants will submit the project on behalf of their national trainee organization or country represented within EFPT. There is no limit to the number of projects that can be submitted per country.
  2. Each application must include:
    • A 100 word summary for publication in the EFPT Website
    • A description of the project and its relevance (1/2 page/s)
    • A description of which methods and resources were used to realize the project and how this initiative can be disseminated further to other trainees at the national or international level (1/2 page/s)

These documents should be sent electronically for the attention of the EFPT President ( and Secretary General (

  1. Applications must be signed (electronic signatures are acceptable) and dated, and include some evidence that the project has taken place, for example, by inclusion of a statement written by a senior consultant in support of the application.
  2. We request applicants to prepare a 3 minute speech to present the project at the 28th EFPT Forum.
  3. Applicants must be members of national trainee organizations represented within EFPT.
  4. Board members of the EFPT are excluded from


The deadline for applications for the seventh edition of the EFPT Award for Excellence is June 26th, 2020.


The jury will be composed of the EFPT Board members and will be chaired by the EFPT President. The jury will announce their final decision during the 26th EFPT Forum in Bristol.

For further enquiries, please contact EFPT Secretary ( or EFPT President (

Yours sincerely,

EFPT Board