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Dear colleagues,

London is a world city. It is diverse and vibrant, which makes it very appropriate for the EFPT members from more than 35 countries to meet and work together.

This year we want to focus on “Making links”. For the past 22 years EFPT has been stimulating connections between psychiatric trainees, who have worked together to improve training and consequently mental healthcare across Europe.

This year, we want to expand the links to students, patients, carers, academics and healthcare leaders.

There are many examples of good practice and exciting initiatives across Europe and we want to highlight those during the e-poster session and excellence awards.

The scientific day will be combined with the International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and there will be plenty of networking opportunities.

I hope to see you soon.

Welcome to the EFPT Forum 2014 in London!

Marisa Casanova Dias

EFPT President 2013-14

and on behalf of the Local Organizing Committee


Registration open NOW!!! check:

London Forum website http://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/traininpsychiatry/trainees/events/efpt2014.aspx

Please visit this website regularly for information on the event and registration.

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