My involvement with EFPT started, in fact, by accident. I was fostered to go to the EFPT meeting in Riga by the Portuguese Association of Psychiatric Trainees board at the time. In Riga, I learned that EFPT needed a person with some experience in website development in order to carry on the excellent job done by Roberts Klotins in creating EFPT website. As I was a power IT user, I felt I could help, stood for election, presenting myself as a “computer nerd (?!)” and somehow… I got elected. To take part in the EFPT meetings and in the EFPT board was an honor to me. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to learn a lot, about IT, about Psychiatry but also about people, and to become a better person, but also to find out that, apart from our differences in individual and cultural identity, it is the human aspect that bonds EFPT people together. (I’m not talking only about the human aspect that comes out after a national drinks party… :D) Have fun 😀 I am currently working as a consultant in Psychiatry Department in Cascais, a beautiful town near Lisbon, and completing Masters Course in Mental Health Policy and Services.

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