Dear EFPT Alumnus,

We have news for you from an old friend, the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees!

Approaching its silver anniversary EFPT has grown far and wide with members from more than 30 European countries. It has conducted international research projects, built strong ties with many other associations and meanwhile kept its young, dynamic spirit, under the motto “Shaping the future of psychiatry”.

EFPT has had a very positive impact on the professional and social lives of many psychiatric trainees, past and present. Hopefully, our future colleagues will continue to advance its mission even further.

It is an honour for us to contact you regarding the activities of EFPT Alumni, a new initiative to reconnect with our past members who have contributed so much to make EFPT what it is today. We believe that successful organisations are like long-living trees that have their roots deep and their buds and leaves reaching up to the sky. Therefore, we hope our collaboration with EFPT Alumni will strengthen the roots of our Federation.

We hope to create a network between junior and more experienced colleagues, in order to learn and benefit from your experience.

If you agree to this, we would like to ask you to fill out this contact form [surveymonkey link] to have your name and contact details added to our EFPT Alumni database. We will use your contact details to keep you updated about EFPT activities by sending you the EFPT Newsletter, and to contact you for specific EFPT-related questions for which we might use your help. Furthermore, as part of EFPT Alumni activities, we are delighted to organise specific Alumni events at our EFPT Fora that we may invite you to, to take part in the EFPT spirit once more. Please help us to get in touch with other past EFPT members that we may have lost track of, by forwarding this message also to your former EFPT colleagues.

We wish you success with your work and we are looking forward to staying in touch with you.

With our best regards,

Livia De Picker                  Ekin Sönmez                                       Howard Ryland
EFPT President                 EFPT President-Elect                       EFPT Secretary General

On behalf of the EFPT Board 2015-2016


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