10th Congress of Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics (DTPPP) in Bielefeld, Germany

dtpppThe 10th Congress of the umbrella organisation of the Transcultural Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics in German-speaking countries (DTPPP) took place in Bielefeld from 08th to 10th September 2016 and focused on the challenges in professional clinical practice in the face of growing supply needs. The refugee policy in recent years on the one hand and the consequences of the European migration policy over the past 40 years on the other hand have an impact not only on the coexistence of citizens in Europe, but also in our work with patients/clients with a migrant background.

Presentation given by Marianne C. Kastrup, MD, PhD Executive Member, WPA-TPS, Denmark.

germany1 To meet these challenges demands transcultural competence – a competence which was hardly mentioned in medical education in the last 20 years. An implementation of transcultural competence in training and continuing education of medical personnel is essential. If transcultural competence is not available, it will trigger mutual distrust and dissatisfaction from the doctor or staff-patient relationship. Clinical wrong decisions, deprivation and discrimination, and racism towards the patient/client can be the result. The DTPPP itself has set the objective of promoting the implementation of transcultural competence by improving exchanges between existing associations on the one hand and on the other hand, through networking and international exchange. The DTPPP plays an active role.

In cooperation with the Medical Institute for transcultural competence in Bielefeld and the State Medical Association of Westfalen-Lippe the 10th DTPPP Congress set an active example in this direction. From 30th April to 4th May in the following year 2017, curricular medical educational training on transcultural medicine will be established on the island of Borkum (Germany) during the annual medical training activities there.

The motto of the DTPPP Congress in Bielefeld was: Cross-cultural competence in the treatment – health care and ethics as an interdisciplinary challenge. To the right you will find some impressions of the Congress.

It was a great honour for me to represent the EFPT exchange working group at the Congress by a poster and to present our exchange programme as a contribution to improve the intercultural and professional exchange within Europe.

Sarah Maria Birkle, Germany.

Special thanks are due to Fran Baessler, Amelie Kjellstenius, Marina Fistonić Rogoznica, Roland Grassl, Clara Feteanu and the EFPT exchange working group for their support.

Best wishes,
Sarah Maria Birkle