06.06.2020 Exchange working group night effect of COVID-19 on services and training

Sharing experiences!

Due to the global situation and the decrease in mobility we have to adapt and change the way the Exchange Program works.

We invite you to a new series of online meetings that will precede the EFPT Forum focus on bringing Trainees and ECP together. Attendees will debate and discuss the particularities of their health and educational Systems.

First event: 05.06.2020 18:00 CET
Romania – George Stercu – EFPT President
Malta – Giovanni Grech – Exchange WG Chair
Lithuania – Aistė Lengvenytė – EFPT representative to the European College of Neuropshycopharmacology
Germany – Jordis Maria- Germany Delegate to EFP

We are also
– working on inviting trainees and colleagues from other continents
– make fresh updates about the forum

Stay tuned for more information!