Maintaining and Establishing a National Trainee Association (MENTA) Working Group


Victor Pereira (Spain)


  • Pavel Trancik (Czech Republic)
  • Milos Milutinovic (FYROM)

Senior advisor: 

Tomasz M. Gondek (Poland)


Other members:

Working group picture at EFPT Forum Istanbul 2017

  • Erensu Baysak (Turkey)

  • Drita Gashi Bytyci (Kosovo)

  • Syhana Musliu (Kosovo)

  • Seymur Babazade (Azerbaijan)

  • Reyhan Zulfugarova (Azerbaijan)

  • Matus Vircik (Slovak Republic)


EFPT MENTA  was established in Cambridge, 2009, as a permanent Working Group. 

The main aim of our working group is to support each other in the first steps of building a national trainees’ association in Europe and beyond, and to help the existing national trainees’ associations in restoring their activity. We discuss the obstacles that we face, and share ideas and tips. We also try to initiate contact with young psychiatrists in countries that do not yet have an association, and have never heard or visited EFPT meetings. An effort to communicate the value and importance of having national trainees’ association and engagement of trainees in EFPT activities – is our second purpose. We are happy to invite also those trainees who already have their own national association established and working well, to join our working group and share their insight and experience with us.



EFPT strongly believes that the coordination of trainees’ interests and efforts is key to promoting high quality psychiatric training. It is therefore essential that all psychiatric trainees are represented by national trainee organisations in their countries. These associations are the core of the federation, keeping it international, strong and continuously active in the improvement of psychiatric training around Europe and the world.

EFPT should serve as a model, guide and framework to maintaining the existing national trainees associations and establishing new ones in Europe and beyond, serving for the best interests of trainees from all over the globe.

Istanbul, 2017

Action plan for 2017-2018

A. Initiatives

  1.  Guiding the final steps of the establishment of NTAs and its admission as EFPT full members in 2018: Moldova, Kosovo
  2. Setting the frames for establishing NTAs and trainee networks in Europe: Iceland, Georgia, Bulgaria… and beyond: Iran, Bolivia…
  3. Building further the network of trainees in the newly-created associations: Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Macedonia, French Belgium
  4. Co-operating with NTAs GM on maintaining all the EFPT trainees associations, specially from the less active countries, helping to improve their local activities and their federal commitment.

B. Presentations

  1. Local presentation of our work in local and national meetings and conferences.
  2. Co-organization and co-chairing of symposia and workshop during the EPA Congress, Nice 2018     
  • Symposium: International Trainee-led Psychiatric Research Projects in Europe
  • Workshop: Improving Psychiatric Training: At Home and in Europe

C. Publications

  1. A possible publication on establishing a national trainee association and the meaning of such local organization for psychiatric trainees – to be discussed
  2. Collaborating with other publication projects within the EFPT and the NTAs.

D. Cooperation

  1. Further cooperation with the organisers of the International Psychiatry Medforum Congress and with the organisers of the Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry Conference.
  2. Close cooperation with EFPT Board, WGs and External Relationships and NTA General Managers

Work with us!

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