Child and adolescent psychiatry working group 2018-2019

1st CAP Representative: Asilay Şeker (Turkey)
2nd CAP Representative: Anna Sofie Hansen (Denmark)

CAP WG – Bristol Forum 2018

Ongoing Projects:
1) Psychopharmacology Survey (contact person:
“The Child and adolescent psychopharmacology survey . The Trainee point of view” is an international survey that was created by the child and adolescent psychiatry section of the EFPT. Thanks to it’s unexpected success, we are now able to say it has been spread worldwide with the collaboration of more than 45 countries. Nevertheless, more responses are required in order to have a better understanding of the current usage of psychopharmacology in our children. Therefore, we are kindly inviting you to help us with your time to reply to few questions. Your responses will be absolutely anonymous and confidential.

2) CAP Promotion Videos from Trainees (contact person: Constantine Pavlov
CAP Video Project aims to gather short videos from CAP trainees throughout Europe about why CAP is a great choice . The videos will be put together/edited to be spreaded to promote Child/Adolescent Psychiatry training. Let us hear your voice on why it’s so important and equally fun to work in the field of child mental health!