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EFPT has the pleasure to introduce to you our brand new “Test Your Own Training” online tool – the result of a project that was initiated in autumn 2015 by EFPT together with the UEMS Section of Psychiatry and is now, after much revising and testing, finally ready for its official launch.

You may have already heard some rumors about the #TYOT (even before its official launch it has gained its own hashtag), that was nicknamed ‘Tripadvisor for psychiatry trainees’ during its presentation at the last European Congress of Psychiatry (Madrid, March 2016). However, #TYOT is much more than just a platform for trainees’ feedback. It offers a bottom up solution to the question how to raise awareness and increase the impact of European training guidelines, by addressing the primary end-users of psychiatry training: the trainees themselves.

Although guidelines to ensure the quality of postgraduate psychiatric training in Europe are provided both by EFPT statements and UEMS recommendations, actual training conditions in different European countries have been documented to vary widely. Furthermore, besides those of you who are actively involved as enthusiastic country delegates to EFPT, most other trainees are unaware of the existence of such guidelines.

To address these problems, #TYOT brings you an easy-to-use online tool that allows any trainee to assess immediately how their own training compares in relation to the European standards. EFPT hopes that this will empower trainees all over Europe both in their own setting and in general (through revision of recommendations).

With this launch, EFPT also wants to take the time to acknowledge all those who have believed in this project from the beginning and have supported us and contributed to its realization. Among them are the members of the EFPT TYOT Focus Group, the previous and current EFPT board members, the UEMS Section of Psychiatry and Standing Committee on Training officers and the EPA Committee on Education.

Together we have worked our way through the existing UEMS and EFPT recommendations and guidelines, to come up with a core questionnaire consisting of 27 questions on various key aspects of psychiatry training, such as the duration of the psychiatry training program, the availability of clinical and educational supervision, access to international professional literature, the incorporation of psychotherapy training etc. Besides this general #TYOT, an additional #Super-TYOT takes a closer look at the role and responsibilities of supervisors and training institutions.

It is our pleasure to now warmly invite all trainees to find out how what is differs from what should be in their training, by taking the EFPT-UEMS #TYOT quiz and by sharing your experience and results with all of your colleagues.

Livia De Picker – EFPT Past President

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