You have already decided to take part in this year´s best psychiatric event but now you are probably thinking of a place to stay and that´s a very serious thing cause the whole process could go wrong when searching the whole Internet. That is why we would like to recommend you to stay at Masarykova Dormitory and we are going to point out the main advantages of staying there.

Firstly, you need to know that it´s a nice place to stay and it´s not expensive at the same time. Secondly, Masarykova Dormitory is located in Dejvice which is a beautiful part of Prague and what is even better, it is just on the way to the downtown… that means you are in the right place.

And last but not least, staying at this hotel or hostel enables you to reach breakfast having your pyjamas on while meeting your colleagues. What could be a better ice-breaker than a nice meal with all your new possible friends? Remember that wearing your pyjamas is not at any circumstances inevitable! You can still put your smart clothes on.

We highly recommend that all delegates/observers book one of our accommodation packages.

The packages include:

4 nights including bed and breakfast at Masaryk Dormitory Congress Center

/Arrival JULY 10th– Departure JULY 14th/

This dormitory has two types of accommodation: Hotel rooms and Hostel rooms

We were able to pre-reserved limited number of Hotel rooms in high season, so the hotel rooms will be allocated on “first come basis”.


  • Double room – (88 EUR)
  • Double room single use – (155 EUR)


  • Double room (Shared bathroom/WC for 2 or 3 rooms) – (65 EUR)
  • Double room single use (Shared bathroom/WC for 2 or 3 rooms) – (80 EUR)

Address of Masaryk Dormitory Congress Center:

Thákurova 1, 160 00, Prague 6, Czech Republic


Address of The Masaryk Conference Center and Masaryk Dormitory:
Thákurova 1, 160 00, Prague 6, Czech Republic

Transport connections:
Underground Line A, „Dejvická“ station
Trams Nos. 2, 20 and 26, „Thákurova“ stop

How to get there:

I booked a flight:

Imagine that your plane landed safely and you went through all of those annoying checks at the International Vaclav Havel Airport and you are standing right before the building. Of course you could take a cab, there will be a lot of them waiting for you. If you would rather use a public transportation (which is much more affordable in comparison to the previous option), then you would have to buy a ticket.
Firstly, you need to find a ticket machine (there are usually yellow and they are somewhere close to the bus station).
Then you have to choose from two types of tickets – tickets valid for 30 minutes cost 24CZK, tickets valid for 90 minutes costs 32CZK. The cheeper version is just fine! You can pay with cash or a credit card.
Then you just have to wait for the bus (No. 119) with direction to „Nádraží Veleslavín“ where you get off the bus. Don´t forget to mark your ticket right after getting in the bus, there are little machines inside with a yellow dart on it.
After coming to „Nádraží Veleslavín“ station you go downstairs which leads you to green tube (Line A). You take a train heading to „Depo Hostivař“. The „Dejvická“ station is the second stop!

I came by bus (Central Bus Station Florenc) or train (Central Railway Station):

After buying a ticket (the cheeper one is just fine once again) you take a red tube (Line C) heading to the direction „Háje“, at „Muzeum“ station you get off the train and go downstairs (switching Line C to Line A).
Then you get in the train heading to the direction „Nemocnice Motol“. Don´t forget to get off at the „Dejvická“ stop.

From „Dejvická“ stop you can take a tram to „Thákurova“ stop or just go by foot (take a look at the map below).

  1. Country reports – what is new in your training

As always, country reports are an essential part of the official timetable and this year will be no different. What will be different however is that we want you not only to tell us about your country but also to show us! We want you to prepare a brief oral presentation and one slide about what’s new in your country’s training.

When will country reports take place?

On Thursday 11.7.2019 over two sessions. The countries will go in alphabetical order: first half 13:00–14:00, then after a short break second half 14:30-15:30. Please be on time, you don’t want to miss any countries.

What is the format?

Each country will be represented by one delegate, who will have maximum of 3 minutes  to deliver his speech. Plus, each country will prepare one slide with their flag, NTA logo and number of NTA´s members. After 3 minutes, the next country is up.

How to prepare ?

Before coming to the event please choose one delegate from your country, who will give the presentation.

Prepare your oral presentationon the topic “what is new in your country’s training”. What you include is up to you, but we suggest you include at least one positive and one negative thing. The time limit is 3 minutes, no exceptions. We recommend you practice beforehand.

A part of your presentation is also one powerpoint slide. Please include your country’s flag, NTA logo and number of members (if your country has one). Please send your slide to the NTA General Manager Dr. Justo Pinzón Espinosa: until JULY 1st 2019.

We are looking forward to finding out more about your countries!

  1. Poster Presentation – “Mental health in the age of internet”

Each participating country is encouraged to put together a poster presenting the topic “Mental health in the age of internet”. Please feel free to be innovative and imaginative in interpreting the theme. We recommend that you rather focus on a few specific aspects of this broad topic, than trying to describe it as a whole. If possible please choose a topic that you see as unique for your country or important specifically for your team.

The Internet has over a few years time evolved into a ubiquitous space where a very significant part of our professional, leisure and social experiencing takes place. It provides platforms for people to gain knowledge, share ideas, connect with one another, but also to attack one another, fuel ones delusions or deepen insecurities. The Internet provides its users with an infinite stream of information about basically anything, provides numerous means to kill time, creates business opportunities as well as many ways to spend money and other resources including awareness and emotional capacity.

Are we as societies and individuals conscious of the tremendous impact on our life experiencing? Do we realize the stress? How does connectivity affect us? And how our patients? Does it influence mental health of a society as a whole? These and many other questions from the field of social psychiatry come to mind when contemplating on this topic. If possible choose an issue that you consider unique in your country.

As the topic is extremely broad, we suggest to brainstorm few specific ideas and choose the most interesting one. Focus on ways you as trainees are involved on line, i.e. either on the positive or negative aspects of the on line world. Your chosen topic could discuss the problems at any level, from your personal experiences, to how the clinic you work at is affected, or even all the way to how your national government tackles these issues.

Poster presentation info:

  • POSTERS are required TO BE PRINTED 
  • The poster must be size A1 (594 x 841mm) in Portrait orientation (please do not use landscape, as there will not be room on the boards)
  • Please arrange to print your poster at home and bring it with you
  • Hand in your poster upon your arrival at the registration desk
  • Please identify one member of your national delegation to present your poster. The presentations will be held on Friday 12th 10.45-12.15
  • Members will have 3 minutes to present their posters to the judges
  • There will be a prize for the best poster!

We look forward to seeing all your posters.

  1. International Night

Experience the multicultural experiment called International night. We all will take part in this social highlight of our Forum.  There is only one way to succeed in this experiment: it is suggested for the delegates of each country to give a performance related to the culture of their country and share a traditional drink and/or food. As many or as few delegates as you like can take part. So while preparing your gig, figure out a way to represent your country and at the same time enjoy fun and the spirit of socialization. Be innovative and try to limit your performance to a few minutes max!

Where and When?

It will take place in the evening of Friday the 12th in an amazing Czech hipster mansion: “Vila Štvanice”. This time the order of appearance will be randomly drawn, but do not worry, no country will be left out. This experiment is set to end around 2 am, but who knows, maybe even later…


It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced Forum attendee or an EFPT meeting newbie, who has never been taken part in such an event. Be it the former or the latter in your case, the following Frequently Asked Questions are here to assist you in getting to know the specifics of the 2019 Forum as well as clarify some general questions. The aim of the FAQ is to provide information as accurate as possible, but things may undergo some changes, so please take the following information seriously, but take into consideration that some changes may arise.

What is the Forum?

The Forum is the annual highlight of EFPT’s activities, when delegates from our members, the National Trainee Associations, meet up in person. Additionally, there are representatives from other European countries who we hope to welcome to the EFPT family soon. Over the course of recent years, even worldwide participation is becoming more frequent, so be prepared to meet representatives of other continents of origin as well.

The Forum consists of several established elements that happen every year. These include visits to local psychiatric services, a scientific day, working group sessions, country posters and reports, a general assembly and perhaps, most importantly, an international reception. These are all described in a bit more detail below.

Is there a Forum website?

Yes! We have a section on the main EFPT website:

The pages are up and running, but as the event is approaching, we are updating them as frequently as we can! So we highly recommend that you check them for new information from time to time as the Forum is getting closer and closer!

When is the Forum?

The Forum is running from the 10th to the 14th of July 2019 in Prague, Czech Republic.

When should I arrive?

We recommend arriving on Wednesday 10th July just in time to be ready for the optional city visit in the evening. The Registration for the Forum will officially starts at 4pm on Wednesday 10th of July and the Forum formally finishes at 4pm on Wednesday 14th of July.

Where exactly is it?

The Forum takes place mainly at Masaryk Conference Centre in the Prague 6 District. There will be additional venues as well, but the bulk of the programme will be held on the following address:

Masarykova Conference Centre and Dormitory, Thákurova 1, 160 41 Praha 6-Dejvice

This is the link for Google Maps:

For more information about the venue go to official web pages of the Conference Center:

Can anyone attend the Forum?
The primary purpose of the Forum is to bring together psychiatric trainees from all countries within the WHO Europe region. We hope to welcome as many trainees as possible. Unfortunately, the capacity of the venue is limited, but we set the number for participants up to 150 trainees.
There are officially two delegates per country, whose places are guaranteed and these are allocated via the relevant National Trainee Associations (NTA). We do allow additional trainees to attend as observers, space permitting. Observers participate equally in all parts of the Forum, except for voting and are also not eligible to stand for elected positions.
Links to many of the NTAs who are EFPT’s members are available here:

How much will the Forum cost me?

To attend the Forum, you need to pay the delegate fee which varies from country to country. The delegate fee is paid to the EFPT Forum Local Organizing Committee and will be paid in Euros by bank transfer. Payments in different currencies or by different methods will not be accepted (including Czech Crowns!)

What about accommodation?

Regarding the accommodation, it is not a part of the conference fee, and you can arrange the accommodation on your own. But please keep in mind, that we offer a very convenient accommodation option directly in the Masaryk Conference Centre building.

We also cannot cover your travel expenses to Prague.

How is the Forum funded?

The Forum is funded through a combination of delegate fees and sponsorship. We are really pleased that we have been able to secure funding both from several professional and governmental organizations as well as from private sources.
For more information, please visit

How do I get to EFPT 2019?

Visitors from some countries outside the European Union will need a visa to enter the EU. You are advised to find out the situation that applies to you and make any necessary applications as soon as possible.

A letter of invitation and support can be provided on request. If you need a letter, then please contact us as soon as possible on

What to bring with me?

Please don’t forget, that each country /NTA/ should come with three basic things prepared. All of them are mentioned in detail here:
To summarize it, please prepare one document – the Poster for the poster section. One poster per country, please check once again if your poster complies with the criteria mentioned above in the link. One short presentation of the state of the training programme in your country (also specified in the link) and last but not least a short act for the international night (a sketch, a song, a dance, a stand up..)

What is happening each day?


Wednesday is the day to arrive in Prague. Following all the arrival formal procedures and check in to the accommodation and the conference itself will be a very informal city tour to level things a bit. The Pragulic organization employs socially excluded guides, such as homeless people to allow the audience to get a unique perspective which to see the city from.


Thursday is the day when the official part of the conference will erupt. Beginning by an introduction by the minister of health of the Czech Republic, followed by many other highly interesting speakers throughout the morning. After lunch the floor will be taken by individual countries that will present their country reports. The working part of the programme will end after the individual working groups propose the topics which to focus on during the following year. To balance things a bit, before heading to the official dinner you can take part in the health events such as yoga, jogging or other wellness activities that will be specified later.


On Friday after breakfast the programme of the conference will take us to the Psychiatric Hospital in Bohnice for the clinical day and the country poster presentation. Please be on time and do not miss a bus which will be ready for you. The day will kick off with a lecture and will be followed by the Posters session. In the afternoon you will have a chance to go on clinical visits both in the mentioned hospital as well as to the National Institute of Mental Health. Again we do not forget about the importance of physical wellbeing for the overall experience quality and therefore a health programme will be available in the afternoon in the park of Bohnice Hospital as well (so pack your training shoes!) The highlight of the evening is the International night. A night full of social interaction, a night to get to know the other delegates on a more personal level. It will take place in the lovely venue of Vila Štvanice.


Saturday is the Child and Adolescence /CAP/ Day. For those delegates, that do not specialize in the CAP there will be alternate workshops. Early after lunch a lecture will be held, later in the afternoon the main part of the working groups programme will take place. After another lecture in the evening we would like to invite you to an optional cruise on the Vltava river for a casual evening.


Sunday is the day of the General Assembly. It is a very important part of the conference as it chooses the people, who will run the EFPT organization for the following year, as well as choose the EFPT President for the year 2021. The official reports will be presented. We will make sure you do not burn-out. The whole conference will end on Sunday at 4pm.

Who is organizing the Forum?

The Forum is being organized by a group of enthusiastic trainees and qualified psychiatrists based in Prague and the whole Czech Republic. To find out more about us, please visit the ‘Local Organizing Committee’ section of the website.

What if I have any other questions?

If there is anything that you are unsure about, please contact us at the earliest opportunity. We have a dedicated Forum email address
and members of the friendly Local Organizing Committee are looking forward to assisting you!

See you in Prague in July!

The EFPT Prague Forum 2019 Local Organizing Committee