Getting around

Various transportation vehicles are available in Istanbul. Railroads, bus lines and trams are supported by sea vehicles that travel between two continents.

You can purchase a transportation card called Istanbul Kart, which can be used in various public transports (Bus, Tram, Metro, etc…). The card costs 6 Turkish Lira (approximately €2) and can be loaded with any amount.

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İstanbul is accessible from all parts of the world, served by more than 300 international airlines. Besides air transport, visitors to Istanbul have several options; international train, ferry, bus services and other means of transportation connecting Istanbul to neighboring European countries. The city has two international airports, Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side and Ataturk Airport on the European side.

İstanbul Atatürk Airport is located 24 km southeast of Istanbul.
Airport shuttle buses (HAVATAS)
There are buses every hour to and from Taksim square (city centre) for 12 TL (equal to 4,2 €). For detailed information:

Sabiha Gökçen International Airport is located at the Asian coast of Istanbul. It is located 50 km southeast of the city center.
Airport shuttle buses (HAVATAS)
There are buses every 30 minutes to and from Taksim (central Istanbul) for 12 TL (equal to 4 €). For detailed information: