The EFPT Exchange WG Chair Fabian Kraxner explains how the EFPT Exchange works

How does the EFPT exchange work?

Dear collegues in Europe and around the World🚨 In this video the EFPT Exchange WG Chair Fabian Kraxner explains, how the EFPT Exchange programm works and presents it fabulous working group team. 🚨❗ The Working Group EFPT Exchange is looking and asking for further support in the following two points: ❗1.) Have you been on an EFPT exchange programme? We would love to have your video testimonial.2.) Would you like to join the Working Group for further development. Don't hesitate and take a look at the next WG meeting. You are warmely welcomed.Have a good time!Your Working Group EFPT Exchange

Posted by EFPT Exchange on Sunday, September 5, 2021

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