Katerini is a city of 60.000 people, located 70 km from Thessaloniki. It is a very popular tourist destination, due to its beautiful beaches and the location of the city close to the famous m.Olympus.

The Psychiatric Department of Katerini General Hospital covers a population of  1.100.000 approximately-the prefectures of Pieria, Karditsa, Trikala,Larisa and Magnisia that were before served by the Psychiatric Hospital of Petra Olympou. Psychiatric services are very well developed -the work of the former Psychiatric hospital has raised awareness about mental health to the people of the area. Prevention services based on information and psychoeducation is provided by the Mental Health Center, as well as the Psychiatric Department of the Hospital.

The Mental Health Services and Units are

-The MHC that provides Services for Adults, Children and Adolescents

-Adult Psychiatric Clinic in the General Hospital, with 26 hospitalisation beds, for the population of 1.100.000 people of the area. The Department also provides liaison Psychiatry services to the General Hospital.

– Rehabilitation Units-2 shelter homes, 7 guest houses, 7 protected apartments-services for 160 patients with chronic mental health problems

-Day hospitals-2 for Adults, that provide day car

-Day hospital for patients with dementia and their families

-Unit of Homecare

-Mobile Unit

-Unit of Buprenorphine Substitution-in collaboration with OKANA

16 psychiatrists -7 Consultants and 9 residents work at the Psychiatric Department,3 psychologists social workers and occupational therapists. Education is provided to Psychology University students and students of Social Sciences. The clinic is participating in clinical studies in the field of  Psychopharmacology.

The resident can take part in all clinical and educational activities of the department, observe the clinical work in the department, participate in liaison psychiatry and community psychiatry services.

Head of Department: Dr. Dimitrios Xylas

Requirements: Good level of English Language is required.

Accommodation: Yes

Duration: 2-6 weeks, may be extended to 2 months

Availability: all year long

Local and National coordinator:

Maria Alexandridou