Old age psychiatry in the University Medical Center Groningen

Healthy ageing is a main topic for the city of Groningen and the University Medical Center, where research, clinical care and education are focused on the ageing process.

The psychiatry department of the University Medical Center in Groningen is one of the largest in The Netherlands, with around 25 trainees and 25 psychiatrists. It offers a variety of psychiatric care from basic mental health care to the most complex psychiatric care, e.g. tertiary referrals. There are 7 wards: 2 for depression, 3 acute wards, 1 for psychotic disorders and 1 for old age psychiatry. Furthermore there are several outpatient teams (such as general, mood and anxiety disorders, psychosis, old age) and some community services.  There is a high quality training programme in evidence-based (old age) psychiatry, with trainees working in a wide range of clinical settings. As a visiting trainee you will participate as an observer in the clinical work alongside our staff and trainees. Groningen is a lively university city in the north of the Netherlands.



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University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) – Psychiatry department (UCP)
Address: Hanzeplein 1, Groningen, The Netherlands

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Programme description:

There is one post available in old age psychiatry. Visiting trainees can get involved in different programmes, such as the outpatient clinic, day care programme and the liaison service. The old age psychiatry has an excellent and intensive collaboration with the old age medicine department (geriatric and neurology). The programme will be personalised as much as possible, according to the wishes and interests of the trainee. If relevant or preferred by the visiting trainee, it might be possible to visit programmes from our other specialised wards in coordination with the preferred ward. Please inform us about any request before your visit. The timetable will be agreed with the local coordinator after liaising with the relevant heads of department and prior to the start of the exchange.

Local coordinator Groningen: Hink Boer