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Mental health center 

Mental health center is a private outpatient psychiatric clinic in Moscow.

Our team of psychiatrists work together with clinical psychologists, delivering evidence based treatments for personality disorders, mood disorders, schizophrenia, OCD, self-harm and suicidality, sexual dysfunctions, old age psychiatry and some aspects of CAP.

Psychotherapy modalities used at our center are CBT, DBT, schema therapy, family therapy, couple therapy and emotionally focused therapy.







  • As a trainee you will be able to follow the staff and observe our weekly meetings, intervention sessions, staff meetings and lectures.
  • You will be able to join our psychiatrists during their meetings with the patients, DBT self-study group and DBT team meetings as long as it is approved by the patients.
  • You will have the opportunity to visit the old and famous psychiatric state hospital of Moscow as well as the private hospital for eating disorders.


Unit / hospital

Mental health center


Moscow, Palikha street 13/1, building nr. 2




2-6 weeks.

Periods available

Between February and July 2018.  In general, the most convenient time for candidates would be between the end of March and the beginning of November.


English language. Basic knowledge of Russian strongly recommended. The staff speaks
fluent English, but the majority of patients speak Russian.

Travel information

  • Travel and health insurance needed: YES
  • VISA needed: YES

All EU and U.K. Citizens need visa to visit Russia. We will assist with the Visa if needed.

We strongly  recommend to apply for the tourist visa, about two til three 2-3 weeks would be the optimum length of stay.
You will be asked to present the hotel booking confirmation, the health insurance as well as the tickets, and travel certificate issued by accredited agencies that will cost you 1000 rubles (14 euros).


  • With host: YES, temporarily. You can stay with a host for a few days in case you have not managed to arrange your accommodation in advance.
  • Hospital residencies available: NO
  • Other: Airbnb, Booking and Couchsurfing. Plenty of hostels starting from 7 euro per night.We are located in the city center (Novoslobodskaya metro station) so it is rather easy to find a room.

Useful websites


Local Exchange Coordinator: Amina Nazaralieva, amina.nazaralieva@gmail.com