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Berlin is now among the top three travel destinations in Europe and is the most popular city
travel destination in Germany. It is also a major center of culture, politics, media and
science. Berlin is home to the world renowned Berlin Opera and Berlin Philharmonic
Orchestra. Its art scene includes hundreds of galleries, events, and museums, such as those
centered around Museum Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Only in 1871 did Berlin become the capital of the German Empire, and despite the
devastation of WWII followed by decades of decay to the east of the infamous Berlin Wall,
the rebuilt city today stands as a testament to its economic and cultural importance. Berlin
offers an incredible mix of new and classic architecture, dynamic entertainment, shopping,
as well as numerous sports and cultural institutions. The Brandenburg Gate and the Berlin
Wall Memorial are arguably the most visited attraction points in the city.
The relatively low price level makes Berlin an affordable world city.


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