The EFPT Exchange Bursary was created by the 2016 EFPT Board in order to make it possible for more trainees from lower income countries to participate in the exchange programme. Usually, one €500 bursary is issued every application period, however, in view of the COVID-19 crisis two bursaries were issued for the last application period (phase 17)..

Applicants from EFPT category A (Croatia, Hungary, Poland), category B (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia and Turkey, Turkmenistan) and category C (Georgia, Kosovo, Moldova and Ukraine) countries are  eligible to apply for the €500 bursary.

How to apply? 

Once accepted for an exchange program, kindly send us your CV, motivational letter and the letter of confirmation to  Ideally the motivational letter should reflect clear goals and objectives, as well as how the applicant plans to contribute to the host country.

No applications are currently being accepted.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to e-mail us on:


Winner of the EFPT Exchange phase 17 bursary – Dr Andreea Manescu, (Romania)

Winner of the EFPT Exchange phase 17 bursary – Dr Marta Małkiewicz, (Poland)