The EFPT Exchange Programme is finally open!

After closing the programme due of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are very proud to announce that an application period will be held between 7 July and 23 August, 2021. Exchanges will be granted between September 2021 and February 2022, bringing the programme in line with the previously stipulated calendar. Click here to Apply!

Information for Applicants

The EFPT Exchange Program accepts psychiatric trainees registered in EFPT member countries. Please ensure that your country is a member of the EFPT by clicking here.

In the 2020 Virtual-Romanian Forum, the Exchange Working Group has announced the ‘Exchanges beyond Europe’ initiative. Through this programme trainees in countries outside Europe can develop exchange programmes. Once this is done, a bilateral exchange programme is set up, thus allowing trainees from the non-European country to attend exchanges in Europe while allowing trainees from EFPT Member countries to attend the exchange in the non-European country.

The application documents must be entirely ORIGINAL and PERSONAL. All similar applications will be automatically rejected.

Application periods occur during the months of May and November. After the applications are closed a 3 month period is allowed for the selection process and preparation of the exchange. During that time the national coordinator of the chosen country will inform you of your acceptance or rejection. Furthermore, the local coordinator might contact you for further details. Please check your emails regularly!

Keep in mind that the EFPT Exchange Programme is constantly growing and we now get more applications than available placements.  We are constantly looking for more placemetns and programs!Do not get disheartened if you are rejected. Please feel free to apply again during the next application period.

Please prepare the following documents in advance:

  1. CV detailing relevant experience for the programme (max 2 pages) – Mandatory
  2. Motivation letter (max. 300 words) – Mandatory
  3. Reference letter from your Head of Department or Educational Supervisor including your current level of training (letter headed paper, signature and stamp are mandatory) – Mandatory
  4. Relevant documents supporting your language proficiency (in English) – Optional. A language proficiency certificate is not mandatory, but a working knowledge of the host language is required for most programmes and may be checked through an online interview.

Additional information

Curriculum Vitae

When preparing your CV please list information that is relevant to the programme that you are applying to. Applicants with relevant previous experience rank more highly. An exception to this is if you are applying to a programme which is unavailable in your country of origin.

Motivation Letter

Please state your goals and objectives relevant to the programme you are applying to with details on how you plan to meet these goals. Along with writing about what you hope to gain, also discuss what contribution you think you can make to the host programme, e.g. give a presentation or meet with other colleagues to discuss own training programme, differences observed between national programmes. Also outline other areas of interest that might be relevant, e.g. involvement in EFPT, national psychiatric associations, own training programme, other non clinical psychiatric interests.

Additional information for candidates applying to the UK.

If you have any queries do not hesitate to e-mail us on: