United Kingdom

Programmes available:

  1. Maudsley Training Programme (LONDON)
  2. Maudsley Simulation European Fellowship Programme (LONDON)
  3. Severn Training Programme (BRISTOL)
  4. Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust (OXFORD)

  5. Lanarkshire Training Programme (LANARKSHIRE)

See detailed description of the programmes below.

The United Kingdom has a strong tradition of psychiatric practice, training and research, with over three thousand trainees across the country. There are currently exchange placements in two exciting locations:  Bristol and London.  Each of these placements is affiliated with a major psychiatric centre and all are located in some of the most vibrant cities in the UK.  As well as learning more about psychiatry in the UK, you will also be able to experience the dynamic and diverse local culture, which stretches from centuries old architecture to cutting edge nightlife. We look forward to welcoming you to the UK!

1. Maudsley Training Programme

Visiting trainees can get involved in a variety of clinical activities.
We will try our best to accommodate their wishes and interests, though not all may be possible. Posts available include inpatient and community adult psychiatry, psychiatry of old age, early onset psychosis, rehabilitation psychiatry, liaison psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, addictions, forensic psychiatry, psychiatry of learning disability, child and adolescent psychiatry and specialised placements in national units for eating disorders, personality disorders, neuropsychiatry and treatment resistant psychosis. Trainees may also engage in teaching activities, at the Insitute of Psychiatry. The timetable will be agreed with local coordinator after liaising with the relevant heads of department and prior to the start of the exchange.

City: London

Unit / hospital:

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.
(Any unit, subject to prior approval.)

Please note that South London and Maudsley Foundation Trust incorporates several hospitals in south London such as The Bethlem Royal Hospital (Kent), Lambeth Hospital, Lewisham Hospital and many community teams and units. Please check the website for further information on the services provided.

Address, website:
Maudsley Hospital
Denmark Hill,
London SE5 8AZ

Institute of Psychiatry
King’s College London
De Crespigny Park
London SE5 8AF48

The highlights of this training programme are:
High quality training in evidenced-based psychiatry, working in a wide range of specialties, subspecialities and clinical settings.

Extensive opportunities to develop clinical skills and competencies under supervision and through simulation training.
Access to world-class educational resources from affiliations with the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London and King’s Health Partners

2-4 weeks

Periods available:
February-July and October-December

Language: fluent English

Travel information:

  • VISA: check with the embassy
  • Travel and health insurance needed: yes


  • With host: No.
  • Hospital residencies available: Depends on Availability. Application needs to be done well in advance.
  • Other info: Youth hostels and Affordable hotels:

www.gumtree.co.uk – to find rooms or a flat to rent in London

Useful information and websites:

Dear applicant, before applying, please read this useful information from an Exchange to the Maudsley Training Programme in the UK
1.      The responsibility for organising accommodation, transport and visa, rests with the visiting trainee, although the local coordinators should be able to offer guidance with these issues.  It is recommended to plan well in advance before coming to the UK. As well as investigating these topics, it is also highly desirable to acquire a basic understanding of the UK healthcare system to get the most out of your placement.
2.      If you are planning to join the Maudsley clinical training programme (as opposed to the simulation programme), there are a number of different clinical teams that you could be placed with. Therefore it is important to decide which core team you will be attached to and consider possible visits to other departments in collaboration with your main supervisor.
3.      Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that you will be placed at your top choice of service, so it recommended to make a list of areas of psychiatry you are interested in, and with the help of the local coordinators to try to get in contact with the staff of departments you want to visit in order to organise your time better. This list of priorities could be very helpful because the Maudsley Hospital has many visitors, trainees, postgraduates, researchers and clinicians, who all looking for placements.
4.      If you plan to be present while the consultant is interviewing the patient, please be aware that usually only one person beside the interviewer is allowed to be present during the interview. It would be wise to ask the interviewer for permission in advance. Please also keep in mind that patients are not obliged to accept the presence of a visitor during the interview.
5.      The crucial thing is to be clear about the limitations of your observer status as a visitor with the team in advance in order to have realistic expectations of this exchange program.

About London:
www.tfl.gov.uk – to find your way around the city
http://www.timeout.com/london/ – a guide to arts, culture, and going out in the capital
http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/ – about the weather.

National/ local trainee organisation website:


2. Maudsley Simulation European Fellowship Programme

Supervisor: Dr Sean Cross

City: London

Unit / hospital: Maudsley Simulation, South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation trust.

Address: Lambeth Hospital, Reay House, 108 Landor Road, London. SW99NT

Website: www.maudsleysimulation.com


Maudsley Simulation (www.maudsleysimulation.com) is the UK’s first mental health simulation training centre, and part of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation trust. Our innovative approach to mental health training has resulted in delivering over 25 pioneering courses to educate professionals working in mental health. We now offer an exciting opportunity for enthusiastic and skilled psychiatrists in training with an interest in medical education from across Europe to work with us for a minimum of six weeks (or longer). You will learn how to construct and deliver simulation training interventions, how to use simulation technology to facilitate group learning, and how to enhance interprofessional training. There are also some opportunities to access clinical observerships in consultation-liaison services across other teaching hospitals in London, even if this is not the main objective with the programme.


Don’t hesitate to contact the local coordinator if you have questions about your application to this specific programme. Dr Grégoire Billon: gregoire.billon@slam.nhs.uk

Length:  Six weeks (or longer)

Periods available:  Continuous – subject to approval

Requirements: Fluent Spoken and Written English

Travel information:

  • VISA needed: NO for the European Union countries, YES for other countries
  • Travel and health insurance needed: Yes


  • We are unable to provide accommodation for the placement, however may be able to help provide a list of suitable accommodation contacts.

Useful websites:

South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation trust: http://www.slam.nhs.uk/

King’s Health Partners: http://www.kingshealthpartners.org/


3. Severn Training Programme

  • General Adult; including Inpatient and community Recovery, Intensive Team, Eating Disorders, Neuropsychiatry (Burden Institute), Liaison, Addictions, Rehabilitation Psychiatry, Early Intervention (1st episode psychosis), Mother and Baby Unit, Psychotherapy
  • Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Forensic Psychiatry
  • Old Age Psychiatry


Mental Health Services across Bristol are based in a wide variety of sites including specialist mental health hospitals, community outpatient centres, integrated departments of the main physical health hospitals and stand-alone specialist tertiary care centres. The city is small enough to be able to travel between these sites within the programme.  Visiting trainees will be able to get involved in a variety of the areas listed above, ranging from clinical to academic.  There are local trainee training programmes that the visiting trainee should be able to get involved in also.  The timetable will be agreed in advance by the local coordinator after liaising with the relevant heads of department. However, there should be flexibility within this for the visiting trainee to pick up on opportunities arising during the visit.  The teams and city are known for their friendly welcome!

City: Bristol

Unit / hospital: Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership (AWP) NHS TrustThe Trust covers a wide variety of hospitals and community outpatient centres, together with other specialist services. The main Mental Health hospitals in Bristol are:- Callington Road Hospital (general adult, older adult, rehabilitation)- Southmead Hospital [part of main physical health] (general adult, mother and baby unit)- Blackberry Hill Hospital (forensic, addictions, rehabilitation)

Address, website:

The main Trust website will show an overview of the Trust activities:


To see specific services, access through the following, searching for units in Bristol. You can find addresses for each unit and details on what is offered for patients:



There are a wide variety of opportunities available to visiting trainees and these can be tailored to trainee’s interests.  The main focus would be on shadowing clinical work, being based in a few specialist areas of choosing (blocks of 1-3 weeks).  In addition there are academic programmes that the trainee would be able to attend, Balint groups and the Core Trainee MRCPsych course (if applicable). The city is known for its friendliness, being small enough to travel easily but large enough to have a lively cosmopolitan atmosphere. There will be social activities that they trainee will be invited to join also.


2-6 weeks

Periods available:

February July and September- December (but coordination to avoid main holidays and trainee exam periods)


Language: fluent English.

Travel information

  • VISA: check with the embassy
  • Travel and health insurance needed: yes

Public transport:

The main bus services can be seen on:



  • With host: Yes.  There are a variety of hosts that are able to offer accommodation, including trainees and consultants. If these were for short periods they would be free but for longer periods a small cost may be incurred.  This would be arranged with the visiting trainee prior to the visit.
  • Hospital residencies available: No
  • Youth Hostels and affordable rents:


http://www.gumtree.com/flats-houses/bristol (rooms or flats to rent)

http://www.bristol.ac.uk/accommodation/privately-rented/ (rooms or flats to rent)

Useful websites:





4.Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust – Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire



Visiting doctors will be encouraged to spend time in different clinical areas. We hope to be able to offer placements in inpatient and community settings across the age spectrum. The visiting doctor will be able to spend time in specialist services such as eating disorders, forensic psychiatry, complex needs services and community liaison psychiatry. In addition, there are local training events and reflective groups that our visitors may be able to join.  We will take our visitors’ preferences into consideration, when planning the timetable. We look forward to welcoming you!


Counties: Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Please note that there are various sites within Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and that your timetable may include travel across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. We will always work towards minimising this, however some travel may be involved. 


Main sites / hospitals: Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust covers a wide variety of hospitals and community outpatient centres, together with other specialist services. The main Mental Health hospitals are:

Warneford Hospital, Oxford 

Littlemore Mental Health Centre, Oxford

Whiteleaf Centre, Aylesbury


Address, website:

Warneford Hospital, Oxford 

Warneford Lane

Oxford OX3 7JX


Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust:

http://www.oxfordhealth.nhs. uk/

Oxford School of Psychiatry:

http://www.oxpsych.com/forum/ home.php



The highlights of this training programme are:

High quality training in evidenced-based psychiatry, working in a wide range of specialties, sub-specialities and clinical settings.

Extensive opportunities to develop clinical skills and competencies under supervision.

Access to world-class educational resources from affiliations with the Oxford University Department of Psychiatry.

Experiencing beautiful Oxford and surroundings; Oxford, “ The City of Dreaming Spires”, is famous the world over for its University and place in history. For over 800 years, it has been a home to royalty and scholars, and since the 9th century an established town. The centre looks like an enchanted fairy-tale city; A firm favourite of film makers from all over the world, and has inspired countless famous writers over the centuries.


2-3 weeks

Periods available:

February-July and October-December


Language: fluent English

Travel information:

VISA: check with the embassy

Travel and health insurance needed: yes


Hospital residencies available: Depends on Availability. There might be limited hospital accommodation available for applicants. Application needs to be done well in advance.

Other info: Youth hostels and Affordable hotels:





www.gumtree.co.uk – to find rooms or a flat to rent in Oxford


Useful information and websites:

About Oxford:

http://experienceoxfordshire. org/oxford.aspx




National/ local trainee organisation website:

Oxford School of Psychiatry:

http://www.oxpsych.com/forum/ home.php

Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust:

http://www.oxfordhealth.nhs. uk/

 Royal College of Psychiatrists:

http://rcpsych.ac.uk/ specialtytraining/trainees.aspx

5. Lanarkshire Training Programme


This placement presents a great opportunity to experience a representative mixture of mental health presentations and management strategies in Scotland. NHS Lanarkshire mental health services cover a large area to the East of Glasgow. The population is diverse, with both rural and urban populations served. There will be opportunity to experience general adult psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, old age psychiatry, learning disability psychiatry, rehabilitation psychiatry, liaison psychiatry and addictions services. The trainee will shadow one of our core psychiatric trainees and will therefore be able to experience on-call emergency work as well as clinics and community based work. The training programme in Lanarkshire has a good reputation for providing ample emergency experience with good consultant support.The caseload is varied and should provide trainees with an insight into mental health services in Scotland.

There will be opportunities to attend local teaching every Thursday and a Balint group on Fridays.


The main hospital base will be Hairmyres hospital in East Kilbride. This is a busy district general hospital with 2 adult psychiatry wards, an ECT suite and liaison psychiatry base. It is very easy to get to this hospital via public transport from Glasgow.



The trainee will also spend time in community mental health teams.

Other hospitals include Wishaw General Hospital, which has 1 adult ward, 2 old age wards and an Intensive Psychiatric Care Unit; Monklands General Hospital which has 1 adult ward, Udston old age psychiatry hospital and Kirklands hospital, where our medical education centre and learning disability unit are based. Websites for these individual hospitals can be found on the NHS Lanarkshire services site:



2 weeks

Periods Available:

February-July and September-December, dates can be negotiated in advance


Fluent English is required.

NHS Lanarkshire requires the following:


Evidence of qualifications

Two verified references

ID (Photographic)

Fitness to Practice Declaration (completion of Form 1)

Immigration Status (completion of Form 2)

Evidence of professional registration / appraisal evidence if available

Country of origin police check with approved translation (all costs with individual)

Occupational Health form and clearance (all costs with individual)

Equal opportunities monitoring form

Travel Information

Visa requirements: check with embassy

Travel insurance is necessary

Accommodation at the hospital is not available. It is possible to stay cheaply in Glasgow at apartments or hostels in the city centre or southside and commute via train. It would also be possible to stay in East Kilbride. Staying with a host may be possible – please contact placement co-ordinator to enquire.

Useful accommodation websites:



Useful information websites:




National coordinator: Howard Ryland

Howard Ryland UK

Local coordinators:

Bristol: Sebastião Viola.

London: Hollie Walker and Jennifer Powell
hollie.walker@slam.nhs.uk and jenniferpowell@doctors.org.uk

London Maudsley Simulation European Fellowship Programme
Dr Grégoire Billon

Oxford: Alexis Economou


Oxford: Romanie Nedergaard-Couchman
romanie.nedergaard.couchman@g mail.com

Lanarkshire: Ellie Richardson