Switzerland is happy to open a new exchange programme with EFPT in Lausanne, the canton’s capital of Vaud.

Located in the very heart of Europe, in between the Alpes chain, the Leman lake, the wine region of Lavaux, and proximately with France, Italy and Germany, Lausanne is a vibrant city surrounded by tremendous nature. French is the spoken langage, even though german, italian, and romanche are all official swiss langage. In this atmosphere, up to a third of inabitants and workers are foreigners. However, the cost of life is among the highest in Europe, up to two times more than european average.


With the exchange programme, you will focus on addictology in a muldisciplinary team with professionnals from diverse theorical backgrounds and orientation.


Welcome in Switzerland!

REGIS COLOMBO/diapo.ch Lausanne


  1. Country


  1. General information

– city / cities available:


– local coordinator, name and email:

Clara Feteanu (efptexchange.switzerland@gmail.com)

– national/ local trainee organisation website:

SVPA-ASMAP (http://www.svpa-asmap.com)


  1. Programme information

Policlinique d’Addictologie

Lausanne 2

– description:

The addictology section within communitary psychiatry service of CHUV offers a placement in its universitary outpatient unit specialized in ambulatory investigation, treatment and bio-psycho-social follow-up of substance abuse disorders (opioid and cocaine dependence) and comportemental addictions (mostly gambling disorder), based on the Case Manager model.

The trainee will follow staff within the great diversity of interventions:

  • Clinical investigation on addictive behaviours,
  • Psychiatric comorbidities evaluation and treatment,
  • Prescription and follow-up of substitution therapies (opioid agonist agents),
  • Motivational approach on addictive behaviours (with and without substances),
  • Infectious diseases specialized consultations,
  • Harm reduction based interventions,
  • Social evaluation and support,
  • Support towards the community and primary cares,
  • Mobile liaison team specialized in addictology.
  • Hospital addiction psychiatry unit.

The activities can be tailored on individual interests.

– city:


– unit / hospital:

Policlinique d’addictologie / CHUV

– address:

Rue du Bugnon, 23, 1005 Lausanne

– introduction:

CHUV is the teaching hospital of the canton’s capital of Vaud, Lausanne.

– length:

2 to 4 weeks

– periods available:

All year round. Date of exchange will be discussed after selection but personal convenience on exchange time cannot be guaranteed.

– requirements:

– language:

French understanding and speaking is required. Selection of candidate will take place after skype interview evaluating french speaking basic level.

– other:

Traineeship convention to be signed with the institution. Expect a minimum of one month in order to prepare the exchange.


  1. Travel information

– VISA needed:

Visa not needed for trainees from Schengen Zone countries. Other countries may require a visa. It is responsibility of the trainee to get information on this point, local coordinator may help

– travel and health insurance needed: Recommended

– accommodation:

– with host: NO

– hospital residencies available: YES

Hotel room for less than one month or studio for more than one month, both handled by CHUV. Expect a fee of around 600 to 800 CHF for 4 weeks.

– other info like rents:

Short period flatsharing advert on facebook: LAUSANNE à louer – bouche à oreille, Appartements à louer sur Lausanne groups.

Unfortunately, we do not offer any financial grant yet for this exchange programme.


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