Testimonial – Slovenia

Host Institution: University Psychiatry Hospital Ljubljana

” My rotation on gerontopsychiatry in Psychiatry Clinic- University of Ljubljana started by November 23th of 2013. When i was introduced to the academic staff of the clinic by Marko Saje, coordinator of EFPT programme , it was obvious that I was expected already. This helped me very much. Moreover, the staff strongly had the willing to take in consideration my profile and expectations to shape my the daily schedule. 

My daily work consisted of mostly observation. We started the day with the morning meeting, during this all medical and paramedical staff used to discuss the events happened on preceding evening and night. During the meeting important points were translated to me to catch the main point. After that I used to follow the daily clinical visit with the senior supervisor in the closed ward of geropsychiatry inpatient clinic. During this visit we used to discuss all patients shortly and then start to examinations of specific patients. The senior supervisor was very careful to care all patients, and paid attention not to miss any patients. Afternoons was spared for outpatient clinical observation, again mostly with the senior supervisor, but also I had chance to observe other clinicians’ outpatient patient evaluations. On Friday mornings I attended to clinical meetings with other four gerontopsychiatry clinics’ staff on which mostly theoretical presentations and case reports conducted. Colleagues and professors was so kind to ask speakers make their presentations in English during this Friday meetings, and it was also very informative for me. Last week I joined the seminar of the university, which I learned as used to be organized once a week and all psychiatrists of the university clinic are expected to attend. On that specific Wednesday I made my presentation about the psychiatry practice in Turkey, the questions and comments also was very important for me.

During that experience the social events which I was included by Marko Saje, the coordinator of the programme was also very valuable. Living in a peaceful city like Ljubljana, working with colleagues and professors so helpful and enthusiastic to share information, sharing moments with such nice people living in Slovenia was a once in a life time experience.”