Testimonial – Cluj

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EFPT Exchange:

London, UK

In June 2013 I flew from London to Romania.

I was due to spend two weeks at a clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, as part of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees Exchange Programme.


The clinic comprised of Dr. Lupu Viorel, the Head of the Clinic, the other Specialists and the trainees. Each trainee was attached to a Specialist. There were over 40 trainees in total! Trainees get to spend 3 months in paediatrics and 3 months in neurology, as well as 6 months in general adult psychiatry.


I saw a range of clinical presentations during my time in Cluj including:

Learning disability

Conduct disorder


Autistic Spectrum Disorder



Deliberate Self Harm

Conversion disorder

I really enjoyed my exchange experience and will be recommending the programme to other trainees in the UK.

Although I did not know the language of the host country, my placement coordinator and the other trainees all spoke English and were very helpful at translating for me.

I learnt a lot about the organisation and structure of services in Romania and the training programme. It was really interesting to see the similarities and differences between our services (for example ratio of trainees to specialists, length of training and waiting times for patients – waiting times were much shorter in Romania).

From this experience, I feel I am less likely to accept the way we do things in a certain way as the only option, and to be more open-minded in my approach.

It has also encouraged me to do further traveling and international work in the future (as I have really enjoyed the new perspectives this experience has provided me with).


I really hope that more placements in different parts of Romania and in different specialties will be added as Alexandra Pascan, the national coordinator for Romania arranged an excellent placement for me and more people should benefit from this experience!