Testimonial – Szeged

by Ildiko Vaida and Reka Otvos

Host Institution:  University of Szeged, Department of Psychiatry

Exchange Programme: General Adult Psychiatry


We spent 3 weeks at University of Szeged, Departament of Psychiatry, as part of the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees Exchange Programme. Some of the factors that made us choose Hungary were the fact that we speak the Hungarian language, because it is our mother tongue. We are quite familiar with the country, its’ culture and people.

We heard about the EFPT programme from our national exchange coordinator, Andra Isac. After being accepted we decided for 3 weeks of training mainly for the need to learn as many things as possible.

On the day of our arrival we were welcomed and a program was made for us by local exchange coordinator, Hajnalka Nórándt-Pásztor.

Most of the time we were at Psychosis, Affective Disorders and Addiction wards because we wanted to compare and see the differences to our country’s Psychiatry Departament. We got insights into the Rehabilitation Psychiatry and Old Age Psychiatry wards, too.

We got involved in different programmes, such as in- and outpatient clinic, rehabilitation, affective disorder patients meeting, alcoholic anonimus meetings, various ocupations with the patients as work and art therapy, team meetings with case discussion.

In the 2nd week we presented our lecture about our country in the general department of psychiatry weekly meeting. The presentation was received well. The team was open to our visit, collaborative and interested in our opinion and experience.

In the afternoon we visited the ”City of Sunshine”, we visited the downtown, the churches, the Zoo, we walked on the riverside of Tisza and we ate the famous fish soup from Szeged.

This was a whole experience, professional and private, which we would definitely recommend to any European colleague.