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The exchange programme provides the opportunity for an observership placement at one of the largest hospitals specialized for child and adolescent psychiatry of the Federal Republic of Germany. The LWL-University Clinic of Hamm is also one of Europe’s largest clinics for child and adolescent psychiatry. The visiting trainee will have the opportunity to gain experience on the different acute wards for children and adolescents, the specialized wards for adolescents (e.g. for eating disorders, dialectical behaviour therapy programme or drug abuse treatment) furthermore there is a possibility to see one of the day clinics. During this stay the trainee certainly can see a wide range of child and adolescent psychiatric diseases and treatment options. In addition it is equally important for the organizers that the trainee will gain an insight into the German culture. The city of Hamm has good train connections to other major cities in Germany.

Available programme:

Child and adolescent psychiatry

City: Hamm


LWL-University Clinic of Hamm of the Ruhr University Bochum
Clinic for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychotherapy and Psychosomatic Medicine
Heithofer Allee 64
59071 Hamm
Phone: 0049 2381/893-0
Telefax: 0049 2381/893-1001
Web pages:


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LWL-University Clinic of Hamm

Programme information

Description of the exchange programme:

The trainee will have the opportunity to do a two week internship at the LWL-University Clinic Hamm and will be able to see the inpatient units of the clinic, the day clinic, the therapy centres and some of the psychological test procedures. The trainee will have an observer status.

Duration:  two weeks

Available period and placement 2017:

April 2017


  • Internship agreement (provided by the programme, to be returned signed by the trainee before arrival) and a letter of agreement from the trainee’s head of department
  • Language: very good German understanding (English speaking supervisor available). German is the working language with patients
  • Health Certificate, Police Clearance Certificate

Description of the Clinic:

The LWL-University Clinic Hamm offers 110 in-patient and 60 day clinic treatment places as well as 20 places for medical rehabilitation for adolescents and young adults with substance misuse disorders.

The LWL-University Hospital in Hamm is one of the largest specialized hospitals for child and adolescent psychiatry of the Federal Republic of Germany. Since 2010, the clinical department is part of the Ruhr-University Bochum. The Medical Director, Prof. Dr. Dr. Holtmann, is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

The clinic provides child psychiatric care for the city of Hamm as well as the districts Soest, Warendorf, Gütersloh and Unna (a region with about 1.5 million inhabitants). The day clinics are situated in Hamm, in Rheda-Wiedenbrück, Soest, Bergkamen and Warendorf each with 12 treatment places.

The clinic offers a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic treatments e.g. for mood disorders, anxiety disorders, developmental disorders, eating disorders (bulimia,  anorexia), schizophrenia, hyperkinetic disorders, emotional disorders of childhood, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder,  attachment disorders, oppositional defiant disorder, conduct disorders, substance abuse etc..

Other therapies are e.g.  occupational therapy, psychomotoric therapy, curative education, animal-assisted therapy, computer-based cognitive training.

On the clinic premises there is also a school with 30 trained teachers to ensure the possibility of lessons for the patients.

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City of Hamm:

Hamm is located in the north-eastern part of the Ruhr area. In 2014 its population was 176.580. Hamm is former part of the Westphalia mining region, today there is a large juridical location and logistics centre situated. The city is not far away from other famous cities like Münster and Dortmund. One of the sights is for example the glass elephant in the “Maximilianpark”, which is a city landmark.

Christmas market around the Paul’s church

Glass elephant in the “Maximilianpark”

Travel information:  

Hamm is linked to three motorways and has three train stations, the main railway station Hamm (Westphalia) and two minor stations, one in Bockum-Hövel and the other one in Heessen. The main station is one of the biggest railway hubs in Germany, and connected with one of the greatest marshalling yards of Europe. There is also the city bus net Hamm which is served by the “Stadtwerke” Hamm. The nearest greater international airport is Düsseldorf international airport. There are other smaller airports in Dortmund and in Paderborn.

  • VISA needed: check with embassy
  • Travel and health insurance needed: Highly recommended

Train Station of Hamm


Sometimes it is possible to book an apartment next to the clinic, but this wouldn’t be possible in every application period.

Other possible accommodations see under:

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Local coordinator: Dr. Sarah Maria Birkle


Email: or


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See you soon in Hamm (Germany)!