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Dear EFPT Friends,

In previous years, EFPT itself has supported delegates from less resourced countries to participate in its activities by providing Forum bursaries, covering travel and accommodation expenses and waiving Forum fees.

Unfortunately currently EFPT has less funds, therefore last year we launched a initiative called: “Waive the Fee Fund” to support trainees from less-resourced countries.

We invite you and your association to contribute with a donation!

We sincerely hope to be able to support trainees to join us at the next EFPT Forum in Porto.

We invite you to the “STRENGTHENING EFPT Funding Group”,combining both the continued Fundraising Initiative (led by dr Roland Grassl) and a new Forum Fees Revision Group (led by Dr Livia De Picker).

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Giving is the Best Therapy

On behalf of the EFPT Board,
Dr Livia De Picker, EFPT President
Dr Mariana Pinto Da Costa, EFPT Past President
Dr Roland Grassl, EFPT Treasure

Many Thanks to all Waive the Fee Donor Associations and Individuals :

Zurich/NorthEastern Switzerland
Psychiatric Trainee Association (VAPZ)Swiss Trainee Association and EFPT member; offers a special “Zurich Trainees for Trainees Travel Grant”
Association Française Fédérative des Etudiants en Psychiatrie (AFFEP) French National Trainee Association and EFPT member One
Foreningen af Yngre Psykiatere (FYP) Danish Association of Psychiatry Trainees and EFPT member  dansk
Vlaamse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie (VVP) Flemish Psychiatry Association, Trainee section VVAP is EFPT member Two
Individual donations by EFPT
delegates from Romania, Finland, Germany and Belgium

EFPT is grateful to Sponsors and Donors that supported us throughout the year :




  • Swiss Association of Psychiatric Trainees (SVPA-ASMAP)

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