David is the new IT secretary

Psychiatry is the most diverse specialty in medicine at the crossroads of science, arts and humanities. There are still many doors to be open in order to humanise our field and that requires creativity, enthusiasm and engagement. Qualities that you can have no matter which step of the way you find yourself at, whether you are a first-year trainee or Norman Sartorius. This is why EFPT makes so much sense to me, because trainees can and should  make a difference in “shaping the future of psychiatry”.

This year’s Forum in Istanbul marked a new momentum in my engagement towards EFPT. I was proudly representing French-speaking Belgian trainees, whose NTA is now part of the EFPT family, I started co-charing the so needed Psychotherapy working group and had the great honour of being elected the new IT secretary of EFPT.

Within my tasks in the Board I envision to push further the limits of EFPT collaborations with other fields of human development in order to pursue the outstanding job EFPT has been doing in promoting a positive image of psychiatry. My first step will be a total make-over of our website so that it can reach more trainees worldwide and spread EFPT values. Anyone interested in collaborating with creative ideas and inspiration feel free to speak your minds out!

I hope that my engagement can inspire other trainees to use their strengths and motivation to render Psychiatry more beautiful and open.

By David de Freitas Pereira