Oral Reports, Posters and International Night

As well as coming along to the Forum, there are a few things you need to prepare in advance. Everything you need to know is detailed below. We hope you will all take the opportunity to share a bit about yourselves and your countries – it’s all part of the fun.

Sunday 22nd July is Country Day, so get ready to share in the following three ways:

  1. 2½ minute oral report
  2. 5 minute poster presentation
  3. A cultural performance at the legendary International Night

Oral Reports – “The Good and the Not So Good”

We hope that the whole week will be full of storytelling and information exchange between delegates – whether over a drink, a BBQ or a city visit. However, there is a more formal part of the timetable, where each country is invited to deliver a brief oral report on their experiences of training. Over 40 countries – all with lots to say – so little time to say it! We are going to try and keep this enjoyable, as well as informative, so are introducing the Great Oral Report Buzzer.

Each country will have 2½ minutes to deliver their report – that’s just 150 seconds. What can you say in 150 seconds? Well, some of the most well-known speeches in history have lasted a similar amount of time, (think Gettysburg Address, I Have A Dream etc.)…so the challenge is on!

Oral presentation info:

  • Please come prepared to present One Good Thing about your country’s training over the last year, and One Challenge/Not So Good Thing
  • One delegate, 150 seconds max – so please practice before you come
  • We will ensure we keep to time by using a deafening (potentially comedy) buzzer which will automatically sound after 150 seconds. The rule is that the buzzer is the end of your slot and we move on – so make sure you’ve already said all you want to say
  • There will be no slides permitted
  • We will make a note of each country’s Good & Not So Good Thing and display this at the conference centre, so that you can meet up with others who are having the same issues or who may have suggestions for how to improve things
  • Country reports will take place on Sunday 22nd July in alphabetical order – countries beginning A-M: 09.05 – 10.15 and then N-Z: 10.30 – 11.30

So, can you beat the buzzer? We’re really looking forward to finding out, whilst hearing about your training experiences.

Poster Presentation – “Involving service users/patients in mental health care”

Each European country is invited to present a poster on the theme “Involving service users/patients in mental health care”. Please feel free to be innovative and imaginative in interpreting the theme. You could describe ways you have worked with service users/patients/carers/experts-by-experiences in providing mental health care in your country, through service design, service delivery, research or training. This could be at any level, from the clinic you work in to the national government. If you don’t have experience of involving service users, consider telling us how you might like to and why!

Poster presentation info:

  • It must be size A1 (594 x 841mm) in PORTRAIT orientation (please do not use landscape, as there will not be room on the boards)
  • Please arrange to print your poster at home and bring it with you – we are unfortunately not able to help with printing facilities here
  • Put up your poster when you register on the first day and take it down at the end of the Forum when you leave
  • Please identify one member of your national delegation to present your poster – the presentations will be held on Sunday 22nd July 12.00-13.00
  • Members will have 5 minutes to present their posters to the judges – time will be tight and kept to, so please practice before you arrive
  • There will be a prize for the best poster! – the winner will present their poster on Wednesday 25th during the General Assembly and receive their award
  • Please also send a copy of your poster electronically to efptbristol2018@gmail.com, so we can share these with all delegates, with email title ‘*Country Name* Poster’

We look forward to seeing all your posters.

International Night

This represents not just a highlight of the annual EFPT conference, but frankly, of Europe’s social calendar.  Those who have been before know the drill, but for those who haven’t it is customary for each country to give a performance related to the culture of your country and share a traditional drink and/or food. Think Eurovision for psychiatrists. It’s all about the culture you see!

The nature of your performance is entirely up to you this time. (Though no half-hour monologues of historical epic poetry please).  As many or as few delegates as you like can take part. Luckily the venue allows you to bring your own alcohol, to help with any performance anxieties there may be, as well as encourage audience participation.

It’s on Sunday 22nd July evening in an amazing English Baroque mansion. We’ll go in alphabetical order again to make sure no one misses out, but other than that no instructions – we’ll just keep going until we’re all done!

It’s gonna be great. And we’ll all be culturally richer by the end of it….