Best Junior Scientist Presentation 2017: Gumru Ahmadova, Azerbaijan

It was great experience to be the part of this Forum. Finally our country became EFPT member country this year. In addition becoming winner of the Best Junior Scientist Oral Presentation Award made me feel very inspired.

I would like to show my deepest gratitude to the Jury members – Prof Cem Atbasoglu and Prof Bedirhan Ustun for chosing my study as the best presentation and all EFPT organisiers for giving me the opportunity to share the current achievement and problems of mental health services in Azerbaijan with our colleagues from different countries of Europe. My project – “Developing of Tool for Quality Assurance of Mental Health Inpatient Services in Azerbaijan” was about to develop an instrument to monitor and evaluate the quality of mental health services in the context of human rights in Azerbaijan which I defended successfully in my master dissertation in Lisbon. Actually I decided to apply at last day because I think ”Crossing the Bridge” should include patients perspectives. While offering them services we should take into consideration patients’ human rights issues, especially during hospitalisation. It was also great to had a chance to discuss human rights problems faced during involuntary hospitalisation within our “Involuntary intervention” working group session with colleagues from Austria, Portugal, Russia, Netherland and Croatia.

I hope we all will meet again in next EFPT Forums and will enjoy again!

By Gumru Ahmadova, MD, MSc