Winner Wim DuHayon

Project ‘The Passionate Psychiatrist’

Education Committee, Cluster D, Universitaire Opleiding Psychiatrie Zuid (UOPZ) Maastricht,
The Netherlands

Committee Members:
• Chair: Drs. Wim Duhayon, wduhayon.uop@gmail.com – 4th year Resident in
• Drs. Hannah Dekelver – 4th year Resident in Psychiatry
• Drs. Frank Koolen – 4th year Resident in Psychiatry
• Drs. Michiel Smeets – 4th year Resident in Psychiatry
• Drs. Suzanne van Bronswijk – last year Resident in Psychiatry / PhD Candidate
• Drs. Thera Reus – 4th year Resident in Psychiatry

The project is an extra-curricular evening series, called ‘The Passionate Psychiatrist’ organized by the
Education Committee of the UOPZ training program. For every evening (cluster of five evenings), a
local psychiatrist was invited to share his or her passion for the profession with all the residents in an
open stage setting using non frontal education techniques. By creating this open and safe platform,
residents got the chance to get inspired by their supervisors and explore their own ambitions and
motives. This innovative project was welcomed and extremely positively evaluated by the residents
as well as the psychiatrists, and was also (financially) supported by the Board of Directors of the
UOPZ program. Due to this exceptional success, the evening series are happening for the last 3 years.