Prize for the best poster 2015 won by Greek delegation :

Arnaoutoglou Nikitas, Raphael Psaras, Kanellopoulos Athanasios


Prize for the best poster 2014 won by French delegation :

The French Psychiatric Training is REVOLUTIONARY!

C.Feteanu, T.Gargot, M.Lasfar, A.Pontarollo, C.Radu, D.Sebbane for AFFEP


  • Prize for the best poster 2013 won by  Romanian delegation

Ana Giurgiuca, Catalina Giurgi-Oncu, Monica Comsa,  Alina Petricean,


  • Prize for the best poster 2012 won by Serbian delegation:

Maja Pantovic, Vanja Mandic Maravic , Branimir Radmanovic




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