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Award for excellence 2015


Russia : Project “Non scholae, sed vitae discimus – Psychiatry ” presented by Pavel Alfimov

Educational project (a series of webinars) in the field of liaison psychiatry. The project was developed by early career clinicians and meant for the audience of their peers – Russian-speaking internists and psychiatrists working in consultant teams and psychosomatic units. Authors held three webinars (on psychopharmacotherapy, depression and anxiety disorders in general medical practice) in 2014-2015. Events gained the attention of more than 700 unique online users and had more than 2000 offline views. Successful reach to the audience and positive feedback inspired the speakers to plan a series of similar events in 2015-2016.

This non-commercial educational project was developed by a cardiologist, Dr. Ruslan Shepel of National Web-Society of Internal Medicine ( and a psychiatrist, Dr. Alexey Pavlichenko, chairperson of Early Career Council of Russian Society of Psychiatrists.

The aims of the project were:

  1. To share relevant practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of liaison psychiatry within the community of young Russian-speaking medical professionals (general practitioners, cardiologists, endocrinologists, etc.) and early career psychiatrists working in consultant teams and psychosomatic units in general hospitals.
  2. To provide an opportunity for young researchers and clinicians to share their knowledge and practical skills with peers in the medical community.
  3. Inspire networking and direct communication between speakers and students via a web-based platform (webinars).

Distinctive features of the project:

  1. The content and presentations were prepared solely by early career psychiatrists without private or public sector funding.
  2. The project was integrated into an existing educational framework (Internet-Session, Russian-wide Educational Program for Physicians), which helped to promote the project and engage a wide audience without additional costs.

We held three webinars in late 2014 and early 2015:

  1. Management of Patients with Depressive Disorders in Primary Medical Setting. Dec 04, 2014, Alexander Kursakov (>500 online viewers) – link
  2. Rational Psychopharmacotherapy in a General Hospital. Dec 18, 2014, Pavel Alfimov (>400 online viewers) – link
  3. Anxiety Disorders in General Medical Practice – Psychiatric and Cardiologic Views. Feb 19, 2015, Alexey Pavlichenko and Ruslan Shepel (>600 online viewers) link

All videos were later published on the web-site of the program (, overcall off-line view count is now more than 2000! After receiving positive feedback from peers and opinion leaders in the field, we decided to develop the project further in 2015-2016 using this innovative web-based format.

Applicants are members of Russian national trainee organization (Early Career Council of Russian Society of Psychiatrists) represented within EFPT.


1. Azerbeijan

The main goal of our project was to alleviate integration of residents into the process of self-education, work and self-improvement.

We conduct weekly meetings where residents make scientific presentations after which have a discussion, stressing strong and weak points of the work. We invite Professors to give lectures on topics that interest residents the most. Oral presentations are helping residents to fight fear of giving a public speech. This we consider a very important step for the future career.

On our Facebook page – Azerbaijan Young Psychiatrists and Trainees Association – we share new information and discuss future development of our association.

2. France : AFFEP’s national network project called « Connecting Trainees »

It describes the various modes of spreading information from the EFPT and the national association to the trainees (EFPT powerpoint presentations, network of local AFFEP referents, Welcome booklet, association journal, social network tools, website…) and the tools that can be used by the french trainees to share ideas that could improve the french psychiatric training (network, national surveys on topics related to training…).

3. Turkey  : “First Step Towards Profession”

First Step Towards Profession is a special educational program for the incoming psychiatry trainees aiming to introduce them to the psychiatric society in Turkey, facilitate them in building their professional identity and skills. Since 2012 it takes place every year within the program of Annual Meeting and Clinical Education Symposium of Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT). The duration of the program is a day and a half. The content of the Program includes several presentations from trainees and professors, discussions on different aspects of psychiatry, a poster-walk, besides a social program organized by the Trainee Committee. The Program is financially supported by PAT.

4. United-Kingdom : Docbate

Docbate is a national medico-political debate for medical students. It is facilitated by doctors training in psychiatry across the whole of the UK with the goal of increasing interest in psychiatry.

On April 28th, 2015, we held our inaugural debate simultaneously in 6 different medical school across the UK. Feedback from the national debate was extremely positive.

Next year, we hope to bridge the gap between psychiatry and other medical specialities and have established links with other royal colleges to run joint debates. Docbate would also be a wonderful forum to compare and contrast ideas with our European colleagues.

Award for excellence 2014

France: Project « The National SurveyL’enquête nationale

The AFFEP’s tool for representativeness”

General presentation:

The AFFEP* has a strong implication in the reforming of the psychiatric training conducted by the university institutions. In order to represent our 1,100 members (out of appr. 1800 psychiatric trainees), the AFFEP’s board launched in 2009 the first national online survey on the research activities during training. The idea was to get concrete data about the possibilities for the trainees to get access to research programs. Since 2009, the AFFEP conducts a national survey every year on various topics related to our training.


The aim of the yearly AFFEP’s national survey is to get objective data on the french training, in order to guarantee AFFEP’s representativeness and legitimacy on training’s topics.


An online survey is conducted every year by the board through the association’s mailing list. The results are presented in university commissions and published in the AFFEP journal to inform the trainees. Results are also published in national scientific journals to raise awareness on training’s issues. The 2012 survey on the image of psychiatry helped us to get involved in the creation of the « Recruitment and Promoting the Image of Psychiatry » Working Group at Zurich EFPT Forum in 2013.

Here are listed the topics of the national surveys conducted by AFFEP so far:

  • 2009/2010: Research activities during training.
  • 2010/2011 : Psychotherapy training
  • 2011/2012 : Carrers plans of French residents in psychiatry
  • 2012/2013 : Image of psychiatry in medicine and identity of the young psychiatrists
  • 2013/2014 : Trainees and medical responsibility (ongoing study)

The annual national AFFEP survey is an efficient tool to collect valuable data from our trainees. We hope this initiative will inspire other countries.


1. France The National Survey – L’enquête nationale, the AFFEP* board members, presided by Deborah SEBBANE: Aurélie BERGER, Alice VIGNES, Marine LARDINOIS, Clara MERCHIN, Alexis LEPETIT, Alexandra COLIN, Clara FETEANU, Adrien PONTAROLLO, Malaïka LASFAR, Gabrielle MUGNIER.

2. Ireland : Promoting Psychiatry to Medical Students – The Creation of ‘A Career in Psychiatry’ Booklet. The booklet can be accessed on the College’s website via the following link , Trainee Committee, College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.

3. Israel “National congress for Israeli psychiatry residents, “Residents: The Future of Psychiatry”, Ben H. Amit. See Photos

4. UK and Ireland ‘Making links’ internationally- The expansion of Medfest in the Republic of Ireland 2012-2014 , Psychiatry Trainee Committee, Royal College of Psychiatrists (RCPsych) UK & Trainee Committee, College of Psychiatrists of Ireland (CPsychI)

Award for excellence 2013


Lithuania: Project “Lithuanian, Latvian and Belarusian Psychiatric Trainees Conference “Psychiatric residency: Issues, Theory and Practice”


1. Czech Republic “Neuropsychiatric Forum (NPF) – development of professional soiety with interdisciplinary focus on brain disorders”

2. France

3. Greece “Cooperation in Psychiatry in Greece: Organizing educational meetings”

4. Lithuania “Lithuanian, Latvian and Belarusian Psychiatric Trainees Conference “Psychiatric residency: Issues, Theory and Practice”

5. UK “Medfest”

Award for excellence 2012


K O Connor, T Thekiso, L Douglas, H Barry, D Flynn, A McCarthy, G Swanwick “Project: A Summer School for Irish Medical Students”



1. Portuguese Association of Psychiatry Trainees – APIP “Courses of psychotherapy training”

2. Dr Maria Axiak “Online courses for trainees on elecrtoconvulsive therapy”

3. Dr Eric Kelleher “Quarterly e-newsletter ‘Think Tank”

4. Dr. Kamran Ahmed and Dr. Rory Conn “Medfest, the first ever national medical film festival”

5. K O Connor, T Thekiso, L Douglas, H Barry, D Flynn, A McCarthy, G Swanwick “Project: A Summer School for Irish Medical Students”

Award for excellence 2011


1. Elodie del Valle, Jordan Sibeoni, Aude Van Effenterre  “The psychiatry trainees welcome booklet”


1. Elodie del Valle, Jordan Sibeoni, Aude Van Effenterre  “The psychiatry trainees welcome booklet”

2. Barrett, E. , Barry H., Guruswamy S., McCarthy M. , O Connor, K “What Trainees Really Think: National Survey of training needs, course development and outcome measures from a two year initiative to create a National Conference for Trainees in Psychiatry in Ireland”.

3. Mario Luciano ” Italian project: Professione psichiatra: una guida pratica alla formazione, all’inserimento lavorativo e all’aggiornamento”

4. Dr. Neil Masson “Developing novel teach for teachers course for psychiatry trainees”

5. Nikita Bezborodovs (Latvia), Sameer Jauhar (Scotland),. Jonas Mikaliunas (Lithuania), Olga Paravaya (Belarus), Johan Reutfors (Sweden), Darya Smirnova (Russia) “2nd Young Psychiatrists’ Network Meeting – Riga 2011: moving together towards new horizons”

6. Raphael Psaras , Achileas Economou , Anastasios Papakostantinou , Spyridon Kleisas “The Psychiatric Hospital of Attica model training program”

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